Saturday, January 28, 2012

January 2012

Happy New Year! I'm only 28 days late, but thought I should at least get it out of my system and share with everybody.

Quick update on everyone:
Amanda is a Junior and love'n it. Sweet sixteen, driving, dances, enjoys play a couple different kinds of instruments among many others extracurricular activities.

Aysia is in 4th grade and thinks she must be the class friend to everyone--especially when new students join and don't have friends themselves. She's ten going on sixteen because she hangs with her older sister all the time. Cooking is her new talent shes been exploring under her moms supervision. Sometimes she can be quite the little brat girl too.

Aidan is in 2nd grade and has lots of 'girl' friends. If he's not running from girls trying to kiss him during recess, he is usually home constantly building his various Spyro Skylander characters playing the Wii. He is always "bored" his there is nobody to play with him.

Alec is in kindergarten and seems to enjoy going to school each day. He is our couch potato child that loves to sneak food into the family room while watching his cartoons. He tends to be the brute of the family when his not whining about something that doesn't go his way.

We are now proud parents/guardian of a high school teenager, Taylor. We managed to convince Rebecca's sister, Elizabeth, to allow Taylor to come and stay with us for the second half on her sophomore year. If everything works out with her here and she performs well in school, we might be able to convince her mother to let her stay her junior and senior years. Taylor is sixteen and likes to drive when given the chance. Unfortunately, we're trying to work what options are available with auto insurance. with Amanda nearby, both girls get an opportunity to see each other more and are talking about potential double dates with various boys from school and around the neighborhood.

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